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As I enter the Exhibit Hall, my eyes quickly sweep across the room bustling with well-established leaders and organizations within the Northwest’s sustainability community. I’m attending theGreen Professionals Conference here in Portland and can’t help but notice that the majority of the people in the room are exactly that: Professionals in their respective fields. Thankfully, I notice that among these experienced participants stand a few wannabe sustainability gurus such as myself, all similarly wide-eyed and bewildered by the fountains of wisdom which surround us.

Not to worry, though. My business cards read: Intern @ NWEI. Although printed on flimsy paper and cut out by yours truly earlier this morning, they nevertheless seem to be the golden key to opening the door to conversation with any one of these high-profile individuals. Three hours later, I exit the Exhibit Hall bursting with confidence, assured that my new position at the Northwest Earth Institute has me working with some of the most influential Change Agents in the Pacific Northwest.

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Ryan, and I couldn’t be happier to be a new member of the NWEI team. We’re a non-profit that, since 1993, has developed innovative discussion materials with the purpose of educating people on how to live more sustainably and toward a more enriching future. The courses deliver direct and tangible guidance on how to do so, and can be utilized anywhere that provides a comfy seat and circle of forward-thinking, change-oriented people.

The intention of this blog is to compliment the discussion course process. It will be a clearing house of information for anyone who is interested in taking the courses, or for those who already have and want to continue to connect and engage with what’s happening at NWEI. We will communicate any and every development: new courses offered or updated; local NWEI and assorted green events; and relevant sustainability news that supports our mission-

Inspiring people to take responsibility for Earth.

Thanks for reading, and therefore, dedicating your time and brainpower to the acceleration of this revolution.


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