First green general store chain, Seven Planet, recently opened its doors to sustainable consumers in Portland, OR.  Located downtown, the shop offers products in seven different silos: apparel, energy, food, health, household, shelter, and travel.

Amongst the racks of clothing and shelves of goods is a very comfortable and communal area to spend time, filled with work from local artists.  In this area, locals will gather every two weeks to engage in and discuss food systems and the effect agriculture has on culture, society, and ecological systems.  Seven Planet is planning on offering Menu for the Future to the community, and is hoping to continue offering NWEI discussion courses to those interested in participating.  In the near future, NWEI discussion materials will be available for purchase at Seven Planet, so stay tuned!

The following NWEI discussion course opportunity will be open to everyone starting mid-February:

Menu for the Future

What will be your menu for the future? Get in on the discussion as we get people talking about what, and how, they eat. This 6-session course will engage participants in thoughtful discussion about how to eat more sustainably. Come to Seven Planet General Store for an info session about how to get involved!

  • Introductory presentation Feb 17th, 7pm at Seven Planet in Old Town
  • Six discussion sessions will meet every two weeks starting March 3rd
  • Meet at: 412 NW Couch, Suite 112, PDX
  • $20 Course Materials will be available at the first meeting
  • Contact Ryan for more information, intern at nwei dot org

Alright! An opportunity for the public, already, and the blog is still in its wobbler phase!! (In case you don’t know, a wobbler is a child stuck in the grey space, torn between toddler and upright walking stages.) Quick, get Grandma on the phone! Hooray!

Thanks, and we’ll see you there.

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