Ever wondered what actually goes on in that brown stuff that everything grows from and sits on?  I know I’ve heard many mind-boggling statistics about the number of microorganisms in a teaspoon of dirt.  But it’s always been just that–mind-boggling, and hard to conceptualize.  Well Dirt! the movie is a chance to learn all the dirty secrets about dirt, our relationship with it, and what exactly it does.  In Portland, there will be a screening at the Baghdad on April 1st at 7pm ($5/$3 students), which will be benefiting Jefferson Young Women’s Academy Service Learning Program (you get to learn about dirt and help out a good cause!).  If you’re looking for another reason, this movie just might be the final bit of motivation you need to get started on your garden.  If you don’t live in the Portland area, you can find out when a screening will be happening near you by checking out Dirt!’s events section.