It would probably be a rather late to start spring training if NWEI were a baseball team, but thankfully–no reflection on staff RBIs, of course (yes I am the younger sister of a little leaguer)–we try to score runs of a different kind. 

That said, we still do need to do some practice from time to time.  If you’ve had the opportunity to participate in one of our discussion courses, and live in the Portland area or near one of our Sister organizations, your group may have been kicked off by a volunteer Presenter and/or Mentor.  These amazing folks are an important part of the NWEI community, making sure that groups know the ins & outs of the Circle Question, Opening, and how to “redirect” wayward conversation.  If you are connected with one of our affiliate organizations, I would encourage you to ask them when their next volunteer Presenter and Mentor trainings will be.  If you live near the Portland dugout, our Spring Trainings will be as follows:

Mentor Training Saturday April 24th 9-12pm, NWEI Office, 107 SE Washington, Suite 235 (NE corner)

Presenter Training Tuesday May 11th 5:30-8pm, NWEI Office

Please email Kate to register/with questions, or call 503.227.2807.  If you participated in a training in the past, but would like a refresher, you are most welcome.  And don’t worry.  We only make our volunteers do crazy training maneuvers such as these at our Volunteer Retreats.