A few weeks ago we asked all of you to send us your title ideas for our new course on health and the environment.  
Jan Aiels of the Indian Creek Nature Center is our big raffle winner!  Her name was drawn from the 100+ we received.  We ended up using bits and pieces from all of your suggestions, and the final title is… drum roll please… A World of Health: Connecting People, Place, and Planet.  And for the “Most Humorous” category, the winner was I’m Green, but I’m not an Alien.  Quite creative.

The six-session course begins by discussing some of the limitations of the current medical model and its approach to health.  It then progresses through the places where our personal health intersects with the environment — from our food and homes, to our communities and society, and finally, to our planet.  At each stage we find individual actions that promote good health and in turn, promote a healthier environment.   These positive changes reinforce one another, as a healthier environment is a fundamental condition for sustaining human health and well-being.  We’re still putting the final touches on the material, but it will be available in early September.

Congratulations again to Jan!  She will be sent 10 copies of A World of Health for her to engage her community.  Thanks to all of you who inspired us with your helpful suggestions!