The EcoChallenge is right around the corner.  Just three weeks from today the Northwest Earth Institute community will commence fun, inspirational, educational and sometimes humorous sustainability adventures as the participants in the EcoChallenge begin to tackle their personal sustainability challenges.  In addition to raising awareness about the importance of taking action on environmental issues, the EcoChallenge is a major fundraiser for the Northwest Earth Institute.

The EcoChallenge raises money for NWEI’s sustainability education programs–and this year we hope to raise over $50,000! The entire staff and board of NWEI are participating in the EcoChallenge, and the NWEI staff is upping the ante with a little friendly competition.  Here’s where you come in– we’ve all written “Please for Your Pledges” in hopes that we might sway you to support us in the EcoChallenge.  The staff member with the most pledges will win an extra vacation day, as well as some serious bragging rights.

There’s something for everyone in our “Please for Pledges”— click here to see who is using cute dogs to win you over, who is taking the pity party route, who is planning the most audacious EcoChallenge, and more. And if you are inspired to pledge, you can do so knowing that your tax deductible pledge will go entirely toward funding NWEI’s sustainability programs.