Looking to join a Northwest Earth Institute discussion group this fall?
Now’s your chance!
Portland State University students are organizing Voluntary Simplicity discussion courses that are open to the community.

Eight different groups will be starting next week, and you all are invited to join!  Click here to order your copy of Voluntary Simplicity, and simply show up to one of the following locations to get started.

Food for Thought Cafe/PSU campus, 11:30am-12:30pm on Mondays
contact: jwanm@pdx.edu
Food for Thought Cafe/PSU campus, 2:30-3:30pm on Mondays
Chit Chat Cafe/PSU campus, 5-6pm on Mondays
contact: rayko@pdx.edu
Vancouver area (location to be announced), 6-7pm on Mondays
Food for Thought Cafe/PSU campus, 12-1pm on Tuesdays
contact: abellm@me.com
PSU/URBN Building, 2nd floor commons, 2-3pm on Wednesdays
PSU/ISS Building Room 115 (4th and Market), 12-1pm on Wednesdays
PSU Campus McMenamins, 11:30am-12:30pm on Fridays

he goals for the discussion course are:
-To understand the meaning of voluntary simplicity
-To explore the material and psychological distractions that prevent us from caring for Earth
-To acknowledge the connection between our lifestyle choices and the condition of Earth

Please be in touch with the students by email if you have any questions.