Thanks for tuning in to Day 4 of Oil and Our Lifestyles: A Month of Action! In this first week, we are sharing tips for reducing home energy use. Today I invite you to reduce energy through slowing down and relaxing:

  • Rather than sending emails to your friends and family, sit down in the evening and write a letter
  • Instead of watching television, play a game with your kids or simply share stories from your day
  • Eat a leisurely meal by candlelight, rather than being surrounded by artificial light
  • Rather than blow-drying your hair, let it air-dry
  • Make tomorrow’s lunch and lay out your clothes the night before — this might give you that extra bit of time in the morning to choose an alternate form of transportation like walking, taking the bus, or biking
  • As the weather begins to warm up this spring and the sun begins to shine, hang your clothes outside rather than using a dryer

As readers of our EarthMatters blog, members of NWEI, and likely current and past participants of our courses, we know you’re passionate about leading sustainable lifestyles. Because of this, we’re excited to journey with you as we remind ourselves of the myriad opportunities to consume less, and live more intentionally.