Continuing along the path of sustainable eating, we turn our attention to the processing and packaging of food.  Over the course of the last century, the food we eat has taken on many new forms. Food has shown up in the stores in increasing layers of packaging with more and more energy used to both process and package what we eat.

Today’s proposed action is: Consume only unprocessed foods today in order to cut down on the energy used to process and package;  and, similar to what you focused on a few weeks ago when we addressed plastics: avoid items that are heavily packaged.

The issues surrounding processed foods are two-fold: processed foods are more resource-intensive to manufacture, and they are sold to us in more layers of packaging. Think about a typical frozen dinner, even an organic relatively healthy meal will generally be packaged in plastic and then inside a plastic-coated paper box.  In addition to being healthier for you, unprocessed foods are more often available in bulk, which means less packaging (or none if you bring your own containers).

Currently, Americans spend 90% of their food budget on processed foods! Today, we propose getting back to basics with the foods we eat–and eating simply, for the health benefits and for the planet!