Today’s proposed action is: Eat lower on the food chain today–by eating a vegetarian or vegan diet over the course of the day.  And consider making it a weekly tradition!

Today we turn to an issue that never ceases to spark debate, the impact of the meat industry. The following table via Lloyd Alter of Treehugger is a good visual of the fact that meat products are more intensive to produce.

With “roughly twenty-five times more energy required to produce one calorie of beef than to produce one calorie of corn for human consumption” there is reason to consider at least a partially vegetarian diet.

For those who are already eating a completely vegetarian diet, the next step perhaps is eliminating dairy part of the time.

You may have heard of the Meatless Mondays movement, made popular most recently by Oprah.  Check out the website for more on the health and environmental benefits of moderating meat consumption, as well as recipes to try.

And let us know how your Meatless Wednesday goes today!