Today’s proposed action is: advocate for a food issue you care about. Write a letter, call a representative, meet with your legislator, or engage your community– and make your voice heard!

As we near the end of the month, we hope that our Month of Action inspired you to take on at least a few personal eco-challenges, and today we turn to the “next step” of advocating for change.  In a world that can feel overwhelming at times, making your voice heard can be incredibly empowering. Today we encourage you to pick an issue–or issues!–that matter to you, and take the next step to become an advocate for change.
Whether your personal issue of choice is school food offerings, food access for all, GMOs, or organics, today is the day to take a few minutes and advocate for change.  For more ideas on how to get started with letter writing advocacy or contacting your legislator, the California Food Policy Advocates is an excellent resource (and the info can easily be extrapolated to your state too). Another way to get involved in your local food system is to find out if your area has a food policy council.

Let us know what you choose to speak up about too!