Firstly, for those of you who have come along for the journey of Oil and Our Lifestyles:  A Month of Action, we thank you whole-heartedly.  Today marks the close of a month dedicated to taking action– with oil and our lifestyles in mind.  We’ve journeyed together exploring driving less, walking and biking more, alternative transportation options, carpooling, home energy use, unplugging appliances and getting more efficient, how to broaden our reach, cultivating community, plastics and food… WOW!

One thing that has emerged for me is how oil pervades almost every element of my life and choices.  Every day there are points where I can influence the system– whether it is the food I eat, the transportation I take or the packaging I use or avoid.   Another lesson for me is that while my own individual actions matter immensely, I can’t act in isolation if I want to see broad systemic change.  I need to ‘broaden my reach,’ as NWEI staffer Lacy Cagle reminded us earlier in the month.  I need to insert my feedback more often and I need to engage others as often as I can.

Today’s proposed action is:  Reconnect with your commitment.

Similar to our action for Earth Day, today is about reminding yourself what it is you most care about and why it is so important to continue acting with Earth in mind.  If you are like me, this month has hopefully given you some new ideas or shown you where you could be doing more.  Hopefully it has reminded you of all the ways in which you can take action.

Today and over the weekend as April comes to a close, take a deep breath and look back on what new sustainable habits you have tried this month.  What has resonated most with you?  What do you want to take with you from this month?  How can your commitment to sustainable lifestyle choices be strengthened going forward?

May your commitment to live lightly be strengthened today as we close our month of action.  And again, we thank you for journeying with the Northwest Earth Institute as we continue to be the Change.