“The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.” ~Hans Hofmann

We are happy to announce that our newly revised edition of Voluntary Simplicity, one of NWEI’s hallmark discussion guides, is now available.  As many of you know, Voluntary Simplicity has been one of our most popular courses for many years. The new Voluntary Simplicity guide brings you the most current simplicity readings, and contains:
  • New action plans:  put your learning into practice immediately using our suggested action planning process
  • Additional content addressing a very real phenomenon in our culture:  technology and its effects on our lives
  • Additional links and resources including podcasts and TED talk videos (for example, we’ll link you to a podcast on the Slow Media Movement)

Organize a Voluntary Simplicity course together with friends, family, and members of your community in honor of living lightly – so that what is truly important can shine through.

We invite you to slow down, unplug and live deeply  – and we hope this updated Voluntary Simplicity guide will be an inspiration along the way.