Just in case you missed our big announcement, yesterday we launched EcoChallenge 2011.  The EcoChallenge will change your life. No, really! it will! My first EcoChallenge was to take on the hyperlocavore 100 mile diet, and since then I’ve thought about food, food transportation and the import/export systems nearly every time I grocery shop.  Last year I took on a no-plastics challenge, and attempted to live plastic free for the 2 weeks of the EcoChallenge.  Note that I said “attempted”. Lesson learned: plastic is everywhere. Since then, I’ve continued to eliminate as much single use plastic from my life and don’t think I’ll ever consider packaging and single-use items in the same light again.

This October we hope you will take on your own personal EcoChallenge and maybe you too will change for good.

We’re seeking participants who are interested in being EcoChallenge Bloggers.  The EcoChallenge always leads to great stories, fun anecdotes, and shared learning, and we want you to help us tell the fun, compelling, thought-provoking stories of making a positive impact through sustainable change. The EcoChallenge runs from October 1-15, and we’d love to find a few folks who will commit to blogging at least 2-3 times each week.

In exchange for your words, wisdom and tales of challenges and success, we will feature you here on our blog, on the EcoChallenge website, and in our social media posts during the EcoChallenge.  If you’re interested in blogging your adventures in changing for good email me at kerry at nwei dot org. If you’re already blogging elsewhere on the web, send me a link to your blog too.

If you’re up for the Challenge, we look forward to hearing from you!