In just over a month, our cadre of EcoChallengers will set out to save water, conserve energy, reduce the waste that ends up in our landfills, prove that car-free transportation is a viable option, and eat more sustainably–and we hope to count you among our 2011 EcoChallengers.

There are a few ways to participate–by starting your own team (and inviting your community to join the ranks), by joining the NWEI Community Team, or by signing up as an EcoChallenge fundraiser.

If you need inspiration to start a team, just check out the list of teams who have signed up so far–the list includes large companies like The Standard, community groups like the Unitarian-Universalist Church Of Belfast and even an extended family taking on the EcoChallenge together, the Alex. T Jones Family Reunion team.  We’d love to have your neighborhood, business, family or congregation join us too, so consider starting a team.

We’re also welcoming participants on the NWEI Community Team. The more the merrier and everyone is welcome! For details on how to join the NWEI Community Team visit the team page on the EcoChallenge site.  You’ll join Sarah Crump, our fabulous EcoChallenge intern, who’s taking on a no-trash challenge (and any trash she does generate during the EcoChallenge she’s pledged to carry around with her, as a visual of what can’t be recycled, composted or otherwise diverted from the landfill), and Sky Trombly who is undertaking a human-powered transportation challenge.

If you’re feeling inspired, you are also invited to take on the EcoChallenge as an EcoChallenge Fundraiser. Our team of EcoChallenge Fundraisers will set out to raise $25,000 in pledges during the EcoChallenge–by collecting pledges from friends and family to support their EcoChallenge.  Raise $50 as an EcoChallenge Fundraiser and you’ll also be eligible to win some great prizes.  You’ll be in good company as an EcoChallenge Fundraiser- the entire staff and board of NWEI are participating as fundraisers again this year, and you’ll join other NWEI supporters like Erin Simons and Tami Boardman.

Registration is underway, and we look forward to hearing what your EcoChallenge will be this year!