After much deliberation, our new six-session food systems course has a title! The curriculum team is busy putting on the finishing touches and in the next few weeks, Hungry for Change: Food, Ethics and Sustainability will be rolling off the presses. Hungry for Change is the perfect course for those of us who know that our eating choices are important, but want to delve deeper into the intricacies of our food system.

From climate change to the rights of Florida tomato farmers to the global geopolitics of food, Hungry for Change examines how the availability of food and its production, distribution and consumption are the workings of a deeply complex system that is affected by and affects all of us. Some have wondered the differences between Hungry for Change and our other food course, Menu for the Future. On these differences, Curriculum Director Lacy Cagle writes:

“Whereas Menu puts the focus on the “you” in our relationships and roles in food systems, Hungry puts the focus on the systems. We really wanted to emphasize the complicated interconnections among politics, health, social justice, ethics, and environmental impact in food systems, while still looking at how we contribute to and what we can do to change these systems.

There’s also a difference in the writing styles selected. While more of the readings in Menu are narratives and stories (i.e. authors like Barbara Kingsolver and Wendell Berry), more of the readings in Hungry for Change are a bit denser and expository (i.e. authors like Lester Brown, Daniel Pauly and Marion Nestle).”

Hungry for Change also includes Action Plans, a great way to help participants commit to lasting change. From podcasts to interactive websites, our new course provides excellent additional resources for those who are Hungry for more. Check out the Hungry for Change flyer here! You can expect a late September arrival – stay tuned for more details!

For more information or to pre-order a copy of the book, you may call our office at 503.227.2807 and speak with any member of the outreach team.