NWEI was featured earlier this week on OPB’s Think Out Loud with guests Rich Bruer (board member for NWEI) and Kim Smith (PCC professor and third time participant in NWEI’s EcoChallenge). Here is an excerpt from that coverage:

October 1st marked the start date of the annual EcoChallenge. The event, created by the Northwest Earth Institute (NWEI), challenges participants to reduce their environmental impact in some way for two weeks. The event may have started small, but as awareness of the challenge increases, so do the participants. Mike Mercer, the Executive Director of NWEI says last year only 375 participated, but this year it’s closer to 1,300 people.

Participants can take the challenge by themselves or work in teams and are encouraged to track their progress daily. A few of the categories suggested on the EcoChallange 2011 website are water conservation, energy efficiency and sustainable food options. The website also has a “Check-In” page where participants can log every day that they meet their challenge.

Are you participating in the 2011 EcoChallenge? Did you participate in the past? What do you do daily to reduce your environmental impact? Click here to see the conversation online.

Let us know what you are doing! Learn more at www.ecochallenge.org