As we enter week two of NWEI’s EcoChallenge, the stories of inspiration and action keep rolling in. Thanks to all who are participating! Here is a peek into what some of this year’s EcoChallengers are taking on…

Greg Karpicus is on the “Green Free Geekers” Team in Portland, Oregon and has committed to taking on water conservation, sustainable food options, alternative transportation AND trash reduction. A brief excerpt from his challenge site: 

What you may not have seen, and what has become his Eco Challenge, is Greg dodging cars and pedestrians on bike through a city of Hispters, Hippies and Fashionistas.The outdoors he can handle but it is this Urban Wilderness that he hopes to survive. After swinging his ice-axe and rolling out of an avalanche on Mt. St. Helens Greg laughed in defiance of nature’s attempt to destroy his morale, but can he handle other people and cars, horns and shouts? We will find out.

Also, he will be making his lunch everyday because he has a nasty habit of eating out and creating more waste and trash. He hopes to keep it local and support local farmers and stores.

He is also committed to forgoing the bottled water and shortening the duration of his showers.

Read more on Greg’s blog–Go Greg!

Benjamin Guy is a college student at Geneva College and part of the Creation Stewardship Club EcoChallenge team. He is taking on energy efficiency and sustainable food options.  Here’s an update from Ben’s EcoChallenge site:

I’ve been talking to people about farm practices that produce lots and lots of beef. I think I would like to take a small chunk out of that problem by not contributing to the high demand for the stuff. So, for one, I want to only eat meat two days a week. It’s hard to switch to locally produced food at the moment since I have a college meal plan. For my energy efficiency commitment, I spend a lot of time in front of the computer screen for school AND recreation. So I would like to reduce the amount of time I use a computer to 4 hours a day (I know that’s still high, but I’m a college student. Baby steps). I also have a couple light bulbs that still need to be changed to energy efficient bulbs. I need to watch the thermostat in my room, trying to keep it off when I can and finding efficient ways to heat my room as it gets colder. Hopefully, I’ll be able to do this. HERE WE GOOOOOOOOOO! 

Good luck Ben!

Martha Ramsey has been making her own cleaning products in reusable containers and Susan Joseph Rack, pastor of Christ Presbyterian Church and GreenFaith group EcoChallenger, is taking on energy efficiency and other new sustainable lifestyle habits. Here are some reflections from her EcoChallenge site. She is switching to CFL bulbs, composting and foregoing the plastic bags at the grocery store!

This Ecochallenge is one more opportunity to change small habits that make a big difference to our environment and fosters a spirit of responsibility and gratitude…I started composting at my husband’s urging this summer, but I hated having the compostables sitting on the counter until someone walked them out to the composter in the backyard. So… I devised an insert that hangs inside our kitchen garbage can (the kind you step on a pedal and the top opens)…I am also buying reusable poly-mesh veggie and fruit bags to replace store provided plastic bags. Learn more here.

Thanks to all who are taking new actions! To date we have raised over $10,000 for NWEI’s programs through the EcoChallenge–show your support of NWEI and the 1,400 people taking action toward a sustainable future by making an EcoChallenge pledge today.