This just in from a blogger taking on worm composting for her EcoChallenge!

I was heading home from a class the other night when I tuned into NPR and heard Think Out Loud discussing the 2011 EcoChallenge. I had never heard of this but apparently it has happened before. Every year during the month of October they try to get people to pledge two weeks in which they will make a change in their lives that impacts the environment. During that time, some people choose to ride their bike to work or only eat vegetarian. One woman said she kept a bucket in the bathroom to collect the water that runs while she warms up the shower. She then used that to water her plants or garden or whatever. This can also be as simple as not allowing the water to run while you brush your teeth or focusing more effort on recycling.

I have decided to compost. I still juice a lot of fruits and veggies which leaves a lot of pulp. I also drink coffee or tea on a daily basis. I have been wanting to compost for a number of years but was too intimidated by the apparent complexity of it. So I went down to my local nursery and asked them about composting. They showed me a handy gadget called the Can-O-Worms.

It’s a multi-level compost bin with a spigot for liquid fertilizer and an idiot proof instruction manual. I found it a bit pricey at $150.00 + the $10 compost worms, but I plan on getting the money back with fewer trips to the dump and healthier herbs and veggies…

I actually had a lot of fun getting this thing set up and am excited to yield the desired results. One thing I did learn is that worms don’t move very fast. Yeah, I know, “Duh.” The pulp I just put in there from my morning drink might take them upwards of 3 months to fully digest. So I already know I need more worms. A thousand worms will multiply to 15,000 in a few years, but I know there wasn’t a thousand worms in that plastic container I spent ten bucks for–maybe a hundred. So, if I want these guys to keep up with me I am going to need more–especially since patience is not my forte…

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