Happy Fourth of July!

Today, we celebrate the U.S. winning its independence from the rule of Great Britain. We at NWEI treasure that independence, and the responsibility that accompanies being American citizens. We extend our gratitude to all who work to make our country safer, our world better and our future brighter.

This Independence Day, we ask you to consider what things you crave independence from in your life — Injustice? Illness? Overconsumption? Dirty energy? Toxic chemicals? Debt?

What steps can you take to declare independence for yourself and others affected by these unwanted influences? What can you do to create positive change, whether small or big? How can you celebrate your citizenship by joining with others to make a difference?

As Lynne Westmoreland says on the Humane Connection blog, “We can declare our individual independence from advertising, cultural “norms,” and unhealthy and inhumane actions. We can choose instead to be independent thinkers and visionary pioneers, and to practice collaboration, community, and true freedom for all to be happy, healthy, and respected.” We can also work for true freedom and independence, as a whole community, from those that don’t have our best interests in mind.

This Independence Day, celebrate your freedom by exercising your power as a citizen, and by showing appreciation for all who give of themselves to create the world we dream of.