Washington State University (WSU) Jefferson County Extension has developed two water discussion courses inspired by the NWEI discussion courses. The first is tailored to those living in the Pacific Northwest (Alaska, Idaho, Oregon and Washington) and the second course is focused on the Puget Sound.  The courses are offered without charge and are found online here.

These self-directed water courses were designed to:
• Provide basic knowledge about our water and watersheds in the Pacific Northwest and in Puget Sound
• Raise awareness about water issues confronting watersheds and the communities within them
• Provide a structure to learn more about our specific watersheds and actions an individual can take.

Several NWEI partners have been inspired to create their own regionally focused water courses, following the template developed by WSU. Most recently, South Durham Green Neighbors in North Carolina has customized the “Our Watershed” course from the Washington State/Puget Sound team, creating a resource applicable to the Durham area.

Thanks to our colleagues at WSU for making these resources available!