Sustainable Jersey, a certification program for municipalities in New Jersey, will be participating in NWEI’s Annual EcoChallenge by offering the EcoChallenge as a way for municipalities to meet “Green Challenge Program” goals. Sustainable Jersey supports community efforts to reduce waste, cut greenhouse gas emissions, and improve environmental equity. Currently, 376 towns are registered and working towards certification. Nearly 75% of New Jersey’s population lives in registered/certified Sustainable Jersey communities.

This year, NWEI’s EcoChallenge will be offered to Sustainable Jersey’s network of municipalities and communities as a way to earn points towards certification via their Green Challenge Program, which engages the community by challenging individuals, families, and businesses to change their behavior in support of the community’s goals for sustainable development. The Green Challenge Program asks people to pledge to “take a challenge,” and to make a specific change in their lives or in the way they do business.

Green Challenge Programs encourage healthy competition among community members while building a sense of shared purpose. As individuals try to achieve their own goals, they play a key role in reaching community-wide goals.

We are excited to see what New Jersey towns and communities accomplish this October via our collaboration!