Kudos to EcoChallenger Chantal Angot, who is running her restaurant by bike for the duration of NWEI’s two-week EcoChallenge! Chantal, who runs Tapalaya Restaurant in Portland, Oregon, has decided to lock up her car keys and conduct all her business by bike. She’s also created a Tapalaya EcoChallenge Team with 22 participants choosing their own challenges.

Here are some highlights from Chantal’s EcoChallenge Blog:

My challenge is to run my restaurant by bike!  I will lock up my car keys and only ride my bike for the whole two weeks.  On shopping days, I will make use of my friend’s bike trailer to haul the groceries…

October 5th, 2012
The trailer full of groceries seemed just a little bit heavier today, I must admit.  My legs were burning on the hills but, with weather this amazing, I can’t really complain!

October 4th, 2012
Beautiful (if a bit windy) day to be out and about.  Had to make the dreaded trip to Hayden Island – discovered a great bike route and had a pleasant ride – a little slower on the way back with a cooler full of ice + crab in the trailer.  Overall a success!…

To read more about Chantal’s challenge and the Tapalaya EcoChallenge Team, click here.