One of our 177 EcoChallenge teams this year is headed up by Portland Mayoral Candidate Jefferson Smith. As team captain, he’s recruited 22 others to join him in the EcoChallenge, each contributing to a more sustainable campaign. Here is an excerpt of what they are up to.

As a campaign, we’ll work toward trash reduction by eliminating the use of disposable plastics and growing our existing office recycling. This will mean ordering less takeout. Pausing to figure out where we’re going to throw those coffee grounds. Taking a cup to the tap instead of reaching for a bottle of water. To do this we’ll have to slow down slightly from the rapid pace of the campaign. But it’s worth it.

Additionally, each of us will take on an individual challenge to stretch us personally. Chefs will learn how to cook with organic ingredients. Lifelong carnivores will learn that it’s not so bad to be vegetarian. Starbucks addicts will go local. And a very busy candidate will discover the side-benefits of taking just five minute showers…

To learn more about what this team is taking on, and to read the full story, click here. And thanks to all of our EcoChallengers who are on day 12 of the EcoChallenge!