CELL study abroad students participate in an NWEI discussion course in Iceland - Spring, 2013

CELL study abroad students participate in an NWEI discussion course in Iceland – Spring, 2013

For over six years, NWEI has been working with the Center for Ecological Living and Learning to offer quality discussion based curriculum for students studying abroad throughout the world. CELL offers four study abroad programs for college students who want to focus on fostering sustainability through community. CELL students wrote a series of letters to NWEI staff in 2006 urging NWEI to consider expanding its work into higher education settings, and the students’ letters prompted NWEI to embark on a new strategic direction, with NWEI discussion courses on campuses now comprising some 40% of our course offerings! Below are some reflections from CELL Director Dave Oakes, as well as from some of the students having participated in NWEI discussion courses.

In 2007, The Center for Ecological Living and Learning (CELL) pilot tested four NWEI discussion courses as part of its college semester program in Iceland focused on a theme of “sustainability through community.” The NWEI materials dovetailed beautifully with CELL’s experiential, service-learning curriculum and were embraced enthusiastically by all CELL students. Today, we use the NWEI discussion courses in our field programs in Central America, Iceland, East Africa and the Middle East. CELL instructors model the facilitation of the first session and then students take turns in pairs facilitating most NWEI sessions.  

What do CELL students say about these materials? One student shared that “the NWEI materials made us realize the power of “simplicity” and the impact that one person can have.Other students shared that the NWEI courses provide a balance of the right amount of information, with a balanced array of viewpoints. Below are several reflections from students having participated in NWEI discussion courses via their study abroad experience with CELL.

Students in Iceland, 2013

Students in Iceland, 2013

“As a discussion facilitator, it was great to have such quality
discussion materials designed to facilitate “discussions” as opposed to
“lectures.” The materials spurred introspective reflection and group
probing of issues.

“Use of the NWEI materials enabled us to see how “we” (our group)
are a piece of a larger sustainability discussion group – part of the NWEI’s
initiative to spur global discussion on sustainability.

“Having students teaching/facilitating the material was why this program worked so well.  When we took it upon ourselves to learn and teach the information, our class became a much more valuable tool than information being lectured at us.”

Thanks to CELL and all the students over the years who have participated in NWEI programs abroad!